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Remember a few months ago when Fiat released that funny music video featuring an emotionally and physically tired mom rapping about the trials and tribulations of motherhood? Because that video went crazy viral, you knew they’d eventually do one for dads. It would have been quite easy for Fiat just to copy what worked before: have a dad rapping, stick in some clever innuendo, add a few jokes, and call it a day.

So I really have to commend them for the direction they went with “The Fatherhood (Fiat 500L 12” Remix).” It is thematically similar to “The Motherhood,” focusing on a new dad driving his kids around in the middle of the night in his shiny Fiat 500L, trying desperately to get them to sleep (something I had to do all the time with our daughter). There are lots of funny lines like “In the future I’ll be abstinent or double up the rubber” and “Glancing in the rear view, I can see you start to settle, but then you turn a purple hue and start screaming heavy metal.” And the mom from “The Motherhood” even makes a cameo, crossing the street in the middle of the night on her way to the book club.

But that’s where the similarities end. See, this dad ain’t no rapper. Like myself, this dad came of age in the ’80s and that’s why I love this video so much: it is full of ’80s sounds and imagery. You’ve got Human League-styled synths, a Miami Vice jacket, a reference to the New Romanticism movement, and nods to Kate Bush and Prince music videos.

And it’s got a keytar!

So let me shut up now and let you enjoy the video:

See? I told you it was cool! Now tell your friends about it and we’ll make Fiat’s “The Fatherhood” even more popular than the “The Motherhood!”